Magic of a pattern interrupt


Human beings are all creatures of habit. Everything that we do follows a pattern. This is why if you have ever tried to overcome a challenge or behavior in vain, this is most probably due to you being “stuck in a pattern”.

While there are numerous techniques you can use in NLP to solve your problems and achieve your desired breakthroughs, it is essential for you to first do a pattern interrupt.

What is a pattern interrupt?

So you might ask: What is a pattern interrupt?

A pattern interrupt happens whenever you are interrupted by any unexpected or sudden movement or response. For instance, have you ever felt stuck in a situation or a problem, yet was amazed how someone came along and ask you a silly question, throwing you out of the problem state within seconds? Or you could be watching a movie when you suddenly find the answers to solving your problems?

Break out of the boundaries

It seems that whenever we are experiencing a problem in life, we are stuck in a negative pattern or trapped within the boundaries of the problem. Thus, one of the best ways to solve a problem is to break out of its boundaries so that we no longer perceive it as a problem.

As world-renowned motivation speaker loves to put it, “Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give it!” And the reason why most of us tend to see a problem as a problem is due to us associating ourselves to the problem. However, the moment we start disassociating ourselves from the problem, the problem usually ceases to exist. For example, when you hear about a bad news about a stranger being murdered versus your loved one being murdered, which news is likely to affect you more?

Doing a pattern interrupt

Whenever we do a pattern interrupt, we are trying to create a space or situation whereby we experience momentary confusion. This causes us to step out of the boundaries of the problem, where we will feel more resourceful to deal with the problem. For instance, in this other video attached below, you will discover how I used a powerful NLP technique known as Metaphors to interrupt the pattern of my client, helping her to see the same situation from a different angle, thereby pushing her out of her stuck state.

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