Influence like Obama with NLP

Influence like Obama

Ever wonder what makes past American President Obama so charismatic and influential?

Widely known to be a “NLP Practitioner”, it is Obama’s ability to hold someone in a trance that allows him to build irresistible influence over othersAnd this can be achieved by using powerfully impact hypnotic language.

Study any one of Obama’s speeches and you will be amazed how he has often skillfully weaved powerful language patterns into them. For example, when Obama once said “Your voice can change the world”, what does he really mean?

To be a master in influence, trance is your stock in trade.

The reason NLP linguistics tool can help you achieve ultimate influence is due to its ability to help you bypass the natural invisible barrier (also known as the Critical Faculty) that people put up in front of them whenever you are communicating a message across to them. For instance, have you ever struggled to persuade your boss to raise your salary? Or have you ever tried in vain to get your kids to study harder for their exams?

Instead of speaking to someone’s conscious mind (which is what most ordinary people do) NLP will equip you with tools to speak directly to someone’s unconscious mind. This is what hypnotic communication is all about and how you can effectively put someone in trance.

Practice Makes Progress

Of course, with any new skill you want to get good at, it takes practice. After all practice makes progress, doesn’t it?

The process for learning NLP hypnotic language is very simple. All you need to do is to pick one new word or phrase and using it in your daily speech until it’s an old hat.

Allow your unconscious mind to take over and help bunch the language patterns together or you’ll spend so much time consciously trying to remember them and will end up sounding too artificial and not real! After all, like what renowned hypnotherapist Milton Erickson once said, “The Only way for you to hypnotize someone is to first hypnotize yourself”.

Hypnotic language patterns are seamless and invisible when used well – it’s the impact that’s incredible. And the good news is you’ve been using this kind of language all your life. They’re words you use every day, but just applied in a different way.

Can you ever catch two rabbits together?

According to an Old Russian proverb, you will never catch a rabbit when you chase two at the same time.

My friend, if you truly want to be great at anything in life, you need to develop the focus and discipline to achieve it.

Years ago, I used to struggle as an entrepreneur because I tried to take on multiple roles all by myself. Just like many of my peers around me, I was told that you would need to learn “everything” in order for you to be a successful entrepreneur. I had to play the role of the accountant, the salesperson, the marketing manager etc. And this was just too overwhelming for me.

You achieve less if you do more things at once.

Have you ever felt frustrated while running your business or career because you feel as though you are an octopus having to handle multiple tasks? Worse, many of these tasks are things that you hate to do most!

You see. It was not until I chanced upon a unique profiling tool known as the Wealth Dynamics about five years ago that I finally found more joy and productivity in what I do.

Playing only your best game!  

According to the Wealth Dynamics, there are only eight main paths where rich men over the last few centuries and all over the globe have accumulated their fortunes. However, instead of playing multiple games, they have learned to master only one of the eight games that they naturally play best. For instance, Bill Gates who is known to be highly intuitive and values innovation has found his flow as a Creator, while George Soros who is more of a sensory thinker has discovered how to get into flow by being a Trader.

Imagine a football player trying to excel in the game by playing the roles of a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker?

As absurd as it may sound, most business owners tend to fall into a similar trap of wanting to assume multiple roles themselves too.

You see. It is essential for us to focus on playing just one game, because many researches have shown that it usually takes about 10,000 hours to become a real master in anything we do.

The Wealth Dynamics profiling will zero in on your least resistance path to career and wealth success.

When asked what his company’s secret for success in wealth accumulation is, Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, attributed the success to the company’s ability to stay focused on what is important, and not paying attention to other opportunities that would distract the company.

Perhaps success is not just determined by the opportunities that we say “Yes” to, but more often shaped by what we say “No” to.

In conclusion, stop looking around just for opportunities. As we have touched on so often in NLP, the key to success is to be clear about who you are and what you really want to be. As for the areas that you are weak in, find a team which comprises of members whom you may delegate the work you dislike to. Remember that one man’s meat could be another man’s poison. Become a master in your expertise and stop chasing two rabbits at the same time!

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