Can You Use NLP to Lose Weight Fast?


Hi there, would you like to know the secrets of losing weight easily and effectively? Can you imagine regaining the “perfect figure” that you once had in your life? If so, this is an article that will certainly strike a chord with you!

Known as the Swish Pattern, you can use this powerful NLP tool to regain the body of your dreams as it engages both the conscious and unconscious mind in effecting rapid and long-term change.

Created by one of NLP’s co-founders, Richard Bandler, this tool works like magic when using rapid-fire submodality shifts to associate two mental constructs so that one automatically leads to another. In fact, the Swish Pattern has also been known to help many people achieve breakthroughs in many other aspects of their lives such as the curbing of smoking habit, overcoming the fear of public speaking etc. So how can you use the Swish Pattern today to achieve your desired breakthroughs or goals in life?

90% of success lies in identifying the root cause

While there are many NLP Practitioners who favor using purely quick-fix tools to solve their problems or their clients’ problems, I personally feel it’s wiser for us to look into the root cause of any problem we are dealing with. Lest the change we create may not be sustainable.

For instance, I realize that most people tend to overeat because they could be experiencing stressful situations in life. Perhaps they are just feeling a little unhappy or upset about life. In fact, this happened to me quite a number of years ago when I was first enlisted for my national service (All Singaporean men have to serve the nation. And I was enlisted into the Army).

Struggling to adapt with the new lifestyle, I began to overeat and somehow managed to put on close to 5kg in less than a fortnight. Although this may seem like an insignificant figure to some of you out there, I was rather taken aback by my own weight gain. In fact, it only became conscious to me that my destructive eating habit had actually been caused by my mind and my emotions some time later.

Hence, it’s important that we always first look into the positive intention of our undesirable behaviour before attempting to remove it. Or else, we may suffer from the “side-effects” of the process.

After we have found the positive intention of our behavior, we can then find a healthier and better way to “preserve” it. So here are a few simple steps you can take using the Swish Pattern to remove any negative behavior:

  • Think about something positive in which you wish to replace the habit of overeating with. What would you like to do instead of overeating?
  • Elicit the picture of the present and undesired state (Undesirable body etc) which includes the clear analysis of the sub modalities.
  • Elicit the picture of the desired state and positive behavior (e.g. go for a jog to DE-stress whenever you have an urge to eat more.) you wish to have replacing the old and undesirable one. Increase desire for it through intervention done on sub modalities.
  • Put a small picture of desired state at the lower left hand corner of a bigger picture of undesired state.
  • Do a few rounds of “Swish” in your mind by QUICKLY replacing the undesired picture with the desired picture. Have the desired picture explode to “full-size”, starting from the lower left hand corner and covering the undesired picture completely. Remember that speed is the key to success in using the Swish Pattern.
  • Repeat step 5 till you are unable to access the old picture. Remember to “clear screen” after each “Swish” as well.
  • Do a test and future pace.

You are now on your way to rediscovering that beautiful figure you once possessed in your life!

Yes, your desired breakthrough can indeed come true!

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