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Have you ever attempted to break free of a limiting belief but to not avail? If so, I’ve a good news for you!

Do you know the difference between a thermostat and a thermometer?

While a thermometer is passive and can only be used to show you the temperature of the environment, a thermostat on the other hand allows you to set the temperature of the room. So is a belief like a thermostat or a thermometer?

Years ago, I once worked with a female client who was experiencing difficulties sustaining any meaningful relationships she got into. She was involved in four relationships but none of them lasted more than a year. It seems that there was a negative pattern she was stuck in. She had inadvertently set herself to fail in her relationships. Why?

In NLP, There’s A Positive Intention Behind Every Behaviour

In NLP, we recognized that there is always a positive intention behind every behaviour.

And after using a simple NLP technique known as the S.C.O.R.E. model, my client began to discover something about herself which she was not even consciously aware of previously.

Due to an abandonment issue she faced during her childhood years and failed to resolve, she had learned to develop certain beliefs about her intimate relationships. In order to protect herself from being abandoned by a significant other again, she had chosen to sabotage all the wonderful relationships she were enjoying instead.

Belief Is Like a Thermostat

You see. A belief is like a thermostat. Through our beliefs, we are responsible for setting the ‘temperature” of the environment that we are in and the results that we get in our life. This applies to our relationships, our financial situation, our career, health etc.

Nonetheless, most of our beliefs are oblivious to us that we have started to act more like a thermometer. Instead of directing our destiny with positive thoughts, we have allowed our past experiences to shape how we react to situations, even though that might lead to dire consequences.

For several years, I have been doing a study on the average monthly salary of a fresh university graduate in Singapore. Interestingly, I realize that most young Singaporeans who have just completed their studies tend to earn somewhere between 3k and 4k (even though they clearly have the potential to earn much more) when they first stepped out to work.

It seems that there is a ‘temperature’ that everyone has set for his own earnings. If you have set your expectations (beliefs) to earn 10k every month, this is likely going to be what you are going to get.

However if you are like the majority of Singaporeans who find it ‘usual’ to be earning between 3k and 4k as a fresh graduate, this is probably the income that you will be getting as well. Whatever you believe, you receive.

And the scariest part is…most people do not know what their beliefs are as beliefs are often unconscious to us. Most peoples go through lots of pain in their lives because their beliefs tend to be shaped by the expectations other people or their external environment have placed on them.

Adjust Your Thermostat and Change Your Life!

So my friend, if you’d like to take the first step towards success, you will have to start to choose what your beliefs are, just like a thermostat. Take control of your beliefs and set your desired ‘temperature’ right in every area of your life! Be a thermostat, not a thermometer!

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